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We at Clean Earth Project are very keen on making sure that our products are in good quality to ensure long lasting usage. Our coffee cup line is made from sustainable materials and designed to be used on your favorite coffee shops!

Every sip is environmentally responsible! 


108.86 grams

of GHG emission

Everytime you use our coffee cup you reduce the GHG emission (carbon) by 108.86 grams. If you drink 16oz coffee once a day from your favorite coffee shop you could potentially avoid 39,733.90 grams of GHG emission for one year! That is just your contribution, imagine if more of us become more environmentally responsible. We can save more trees and less water usage.


Our Bamboo cups are made of:

50% Bamboo fiber
35% Corn Starch
15% Melamine

Our Silicone Lid and Band are made of food grade silicone

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