Corporate Partnership

1. Looking for corporate giveaways?

2. Want to use our products in your store? or sell it in your store?

3. Want to provide a starter kit to your employees?

We look forward to partnering with you.

Eco-friendly Gifts

By choosing eco-friendly gifts, you are appreciating your customers and promoting sustainability at the same time! 

Sustainable Materials

We look for sustainable materials that we can offer to ensure that we do not harm our environment.


Have your brand or logo printed or engraved on our products. We have many products that can be customized, including our retail products.

On Demand

Didn't find a product that you like? Just sent us a request and we can source it for you! Just ask for a product quotation.


We want to have a long lasting relationship with our clients just like our products. We ensure high standard and quality: A sustainable gift you can be proud of!

Save the Planet

Your company is saving the planet with us. Let's all work together on a project to make earth cleaner and greener!

Our Valued Clients

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