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Your Power to Save the Planet

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Saving the planet is a social movement. One action combined all together could make an impact. Yes, we have the power to make it happen and your contribution is very important!

How? Make your actions contagious. If we can make fashion a trend, why not being environmentally responsible? We influence the people around us and so on and so forth. Besides, being eco-friendly is not just trendy, it's also affordable.

We at Clean Earth Project has a mission to make people influencers of good change by providing well designed and travel-friendly products.

Just imagine, you go inside a coffee shop, you ordered your favorite coffee and gave your bamboo coffee cup to the counter, people at your back will realize that it is possible to do that! Want to do extra miles? Post it in your social media account and encourage your friends to do the same!

If you have 100 friends you all have the potential to reduce 3,973,390 grams of GHG emission for 1 year just by reusing your bamboo cup. If we refuse to use, the production will be less for those materials.

Let us join forces and work together on saving the earth and fight climate change!

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