Classic Design:

The inspiration of this design is to show the leaves of four seasons. Reusing your bamboo coffee cup after neutralizing the carbon of producing it will act as like a tree sequestering carbon from the environment, but this time reducing your footprints from using disposable items! It means a lot for trees and our environment. 

Forest Design:

Our forest design concept comes from one of the critical agents of climate change, trees. Our forests are very important because it absorbs the carbon emissions that are emitted. With the increase of industrialization requiring more emission, our forests are depleting to give way to mining, agriculture and urbanization. Let this cup remind us to help our trees absorb less carbon by being a more responsible consumer. 

Beach design:

The concept is to show how important our oceans are. Approximately 26% of the carbon emitted by human are absorbed by our oceans. What's worse is our wastes also go to our oceans which life is in danger because of our activities. Many coral reefs has been dying because of warm waters and so our fishes not only eat our plastics but we remove their homes. Let’s all remind ourselves to love our ocean by refusing disposable items that turn into waste.

What's inside the box:

  • Sustainable bamboo coffee cup
  • Lid and band made of food grade silicone
  • Coffee cup bag made to cleanly fit inside your bag

Bundled coffee cup with pouch

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