Always bring your reusable straw with you, its bendable and easy to carry anywhere even with a small bag! Protect our environment in a colorful way!

What's inside the box:

  • 100% food grade bendable silicone straw
  • bendable straw cleaner

You can also purchase separately

BOBA SILISIP with cleaner

Boba Straw Color

    Every time you use our silicone straw you reduce the GHG emission (carbon) by 1.46 grams. If you use it twice a day you could potentially reduce 1,065.80 grams of GHG emission for one year! That is just your contribution, imagine if more of us become more environmentally responsible. We can save more trees, less energy and less water usage. You should use this item at least 30 times to neutralize the carbon used to produce this product.



    Please ensure you wash your silicone straw every day to maintain cleanliness and good health. Gently push the cleaning stick inside the straw until it removes all stain inside. Wash with dish washing soap after wards. Do not forget to wipe it dry after use before placing inside the pouch to avoid moisture. We recommend sterilizing your silicone straw and washing the bag weekly for hygienic purposes. Our staw is safe for kids.



    Our straws are made of 100% food grade silicone used for baby bottle nipples.