Our reusable teabags are made of food grade silicone and brings brightness to your life with different colors. Using loose leaf tea gives better experience for tea drinkers but buying separate teabags could be expensive and adds carbon to our environment.


In addition buying loose leaf will reduce your carbon footprint by around 37 to 50% compared to buying traditional packaged teabags.

TEATA Silicone Reusable Tea Bags for loose leaf tea

Teabag Colors

    Every time you use our silicone reusable teabags in replacement of other disposable container you reduce the GHG emission (carbon) by 7 grams for the teabag. Buying loose leaf tea also reduce the carbon footprint by 37%. 


    Please ensure that you wash your reusable teabags after use to maintain cleanliness and sanitation. To remove the smell, boil it before initial use.


    Our Reusable teabag is made of food grade silicone (used for baby bottle nipples). You can wash it using dishwasher.

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