Our grocery bags are perfect for your weekly shopping needs! Next time you get your fresh produce instead of using the disposable plastic, use our organic mesh bag instead. Our mesh bag is made of organic cotton so there's no land and water affected by pesticides and other farming chemicals!


organic cotton mesh grocery bags sizes

12x14 inch (large)

9x13 inch (medium)

8x10 inch (small)

Organic Cotton Grocery Bags for veggies, fruits and small items

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    Every time you use our organic cotton mesh grocery bag you reduce the GHG emission (carbon) by 18 grams. Every week we use disposable plastic bags for our fresh produce and this bag will save you from harming the environment from non-biodegradable plastics. Keep it with you when you buy from your favorite maket!



    Please ensure you wash your grocery bags when needed to maintain cleanliness and good health. 



    Our grocery mesh bags are made of 100% organic cotton which is one of the most environmental friendly fabric in the market.