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Reusable coffee filter for your daily doze of caffeine.

Reusable Coffee Filter


    Every time you use our coffee cup you reduce the GHG emission (carbon) by 108.86 grams. If you drink 16oz coffee once a day from your favorite coffeeshop you could potentially avoid 39,733.90 grams of GHG emission for one year! That is just your contribution, imagine if more of us become more environmentally responsible. We can save more trees and less water usage.



    Please ensure that you wash your coffee cup every day to maintain cleanliness and good health. Do not forget to empty the coffee cup and wipe it dry before placing inside the coffee bag to avoid spilling inside your bag. We made sure that the product is durable, however the coffee cup is made of only 15% melamine (a type of plastic that decomposes) which means that the product may brea